Ruby Webpage Parser

This is how to parse a Website with a Ruby script. All the time when I'm searching over Internet documents (and some funny contents, like manga... yeah I love manga) I found many interesting contents, really so many, and I couldn't view all of them; generally I ended writing scripts to download those mutlimedia contents (generally videos in Youtube) and review them with more time in my computer. Maybe you or someone else have this same wish, so that's why I decided to show how do I do this... How to Parse a Website with a Ruby script.

Bash Zenity Python

I have three python versions installed in my computer, each one has differents modules and configurations, I want to have a single file that let me choose the python binary file that I wish to use; so that's why I decided to write a Bash/Zenity script with a Python binary list allowed to use (and a GNome desktop shortcut entry to access it from the Main menu).

Ruby Password Generator

How to generate a random password like a Ninja; Yeah, I'm exited creating passwords for all my Internet accounts every week, so I decided to develop a quick script in Ruby to generate a list of passwords easily like CPanel style.

Python GTK Webkit

This is how to create a web browser engine application using one of the powerfull and understandable libraries WebKit used by Safari web browser and in a few range by Google Chrome (I personally prefer the Mozilla project, but XUL engine it's very difficult to understand for newbies, so that I decided to use PyWebkitGTK (by now).

Hello world

Hello world! I am Yorman, a Software Engineer from Colombia with more than +6 years of experience in the field - since 2006 - using system programming languages like Vala, Go, GTK, and QT as well as scripting languages like Bash and PHP - some limited experience with Ruby and Python too - and web technologies like HTML, vanilla JavaScript and CSS. I also have experience working as a security analyst, doing malware research and penetration testing, mostly OWASP and some OpenVAS and OSSEC tools.

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