Debian 6.0.4 Squeeze

I am showing in this video screencast the installation process of one of the most powerfull linux distribution: Debian. I explain the disk partition process and a few startup configurations; with GNome desktop environment.

PHP jQuery WebTerminal

I am a Security Analyst, so all the time in my work I found many request attempts searching vulnerabilities in the web applications of my host; so I decided to develop a simple PHP WebTerminal script where I could test the php.ini file configuration, specially the parameter disable_functions and another security things.

Sublime Text

I'm pleased to announce that my newest course on Tuts+ Premium** is out and FREE to everyone. I have a confession: I'm a code editor addict, and have tried them all! He was an early adopter of Coda, a TextMate advocate, even a Vim convert. But all of that changed when discovered **Sublime Text**, the best code editor available today.

PHP XDebug

XDebug is a PHP extension, created by Derick Rethans one of the PHP core developers, which will helps you debugging your script by providing a lot of valuable debug information including multiple features.

VM Network Types

When you're using a Virtual Manager like VirtualBox or VMware Player you would like to use that virtual machine as another computer in the LAN or just have internet in it; well these virtualization's software let you configure this feature providing some types of network interfaces to use in the machine when it's running.

Google Profile Search

This is just a curiosity. How your Google+ profile appears in a result search.

GIT Package Repository

Every day when I surf over Internet I download many resources like images, scripts and full packages of something that I don't know yet, because you know, I want to learn many things; those packages are generally GIT Repositories composed for a large tree of folders and files.

PyroCMS Attachment

The blog module in PyroCMS has good features and a very interesting interface to create/edit contents in a common (or maybe complex, why not) website, but it missing something, a featured image field.

RubyGems Install

If you've seen my videos in youtube, you can assume that I use a Linux distribution called Backtrack; however, it has a lot of scripts developed in Ruby, the problem is in the way to install the ruby gem's documentation by default in the system.

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