Node-Webkit it's a web application runtime based on Chromium and Node.JS that lets you integrate Node.JS functions and modules directly from WebKit DOM and enables a new way of writing native application with all web technologies.

NGrok Secure Tunnel

NGrok is a network application built to provide introspected tunnels to localhost. Basically it allow you to expose securely your local web server to the Internet and capture all traffic for detailed inspection and replay.

Chrome Upgrade

Personally I don't install new software in my Linux computer using a package manager, sometimes those programs are installed with the stable version available in the repositories of the distribution you use. And sometimes there are programs unavailable in those repositories. the beautiful and secure messenger built by Peter Sunde, Leif Hogberg and Linus Olsson, all this primarily by the leak from Edward Snowden that made this people understand that this is needed.

Learn GIT

GitHub offers free, short, topical online classes about GitHub, Git, and the union of these two technologies. We rotate through various topics every few months and are constantly looking to introduce new topics and concepts into the mix.

Medellin 2018 - Youth Olympic Games

The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) is an international multi-sport event held every four years, created by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for participating athletes from around the world between the ages of 15-18.

Laravel Framework

Almost a year ago I decided to stop using PHP as a language for my projects and decided to start developing all my web type projects using frameworks for Ruby, I can now say I've mastered Ruby on Rails and Sinatra.

GIT Repository Updater

Being an autodidact developer I'm always looking new technologies to test out in my machine, counting new tools, languages and libraries. Almost sixty percent of all that information came to me in GIT Repositories, sometime ago I've created a script to clone those repositories mainly hosted on Github to compress those files in a BZip2 package, but then I wanted to have a tool to synchronize locally the latest version of some projects.


After months working with MVC Frameworks for JavaScript like BackBone.JS, Cappuccino, JavaScript-MVC, Ember.JS, HandleBars, Sammy.JS, Spine.JS I've decided that Angular.JS will be my choice for a long time since now. Why?, well that's a good question, each technology has advantages and disadvantages so I won't say Angular.JS it's better than the others because they all have advantages that others do not have.

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