MemSQL - The Fastest Database

MemSQL - The Fastest Database


MemSQL places data into memory and translates SQL into C++ for the utmost optimization in query execution. This enables MemSQL to write and read data at incredible speeds, and by offering a relational interface, you can unify the data you’d normally store in a short-lived medium-cache or key-value store-and place it directly into a database along with your existing data.

Get rid of custom code and caches that slow down your engineering teams. MemSQL is the fastest way to ingest large volumes of data while simultaneously analyzing that data in real time. With the power to arrive at answers and actionable insights in seconds, you can adapt and adjust your business processes in concert with fluctuating conditions.

The world’s fastest database, speed at scale.

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Unmatched Speed

MemSQL delivers unparalleled speed and low-latency to your application by elevating your data into memory. With MemSQL, you can guarantee your application will be responsive and stay responsive under load. MemSQL is 30x.

Powerful SQL

MemSQL offers a fully relational interface so your application can quickly issue complex queries and return meaningful results. Your application remains extremely flexible with SQL and enables you to issue ad-hoc queries without having to write custom programs or scripts. As soon as your application issues SQL to the database, it is converted into C++ for the ultimate boost in performance. As a one-time operation in the lifetime of the application, you can achieve unprecedented speeds previously only seen in the realm of NoSQL key-value stores.

Scale Up and Out

MemSQL enables you to connect multiple machines together to store massive amounts of data in memory for lightning fast performance. MemSQL handles terabyte-scale workloads by connecting MemSQL and MySQL nodes together, conferring real-time access for your most valuable data as well as long-term historical lookback. And, MemSQL scales up with multiple CPU cores. Bottom line: the more CPU on the machine, the faster MemSQL can go.

Durable by Default

MemSQL is durable by default and enables you to recover data stored in the database. MemSQL writes back to disk/SSD as soon as the transaction is acknowledged in memory. Using a combination of write-ahead logging and snapshotting, MemSQL ensures your data is safe and secure. For workloads that do not require durability, it can also be relaxed or disabled for even higher levels of performance.

Easy Install

Get up and running with MemSQL in 30 seconds. MemSQL is wire-compatible with MySQL, the world’s most popular open-source database. With a flat learning curve, MemSQL behaves exactly like MySQL (except 30 times faster). The full MySQL ecosystem remains at your disposal, including standard ODBC/JDBC connectors, clients, ETL tools and database management systems.

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