Medellin 2018 - Youth Olympic Games

Medellin 2018 - Youth Olympic Games


The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) is an international multi-sport event held every four years, created by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for participating athletes from around the world between the ages of 15-18. The YOG concept was adopted on 6 July 2007 during the 119th IOC Session in Guatemala City following the initial plan led by IOC President Jacques Rogge. There are two versions of the YOG, one for summer and another for winter, which are held alternately every 2 years.

The Summer YOG lasts 12 days and was first held in Singapore in 2010. The YOG sport programme consists of the same sports and disciplines as the Olympic Games, while allowing some flexibility in the competition format to target youth athletes. The IOC estimates that the 2018 YOG will host over 3,800 athletes 1,200 officials.

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Interview with the IOC President - JACQUES ROGGE

By creating the Youth Olympic Games, the IOC played its role as a catalyst for the sports movement. It showed that its commitment to the youth of today and tomorrow is about action, not just words, by offering them an event of their own in the spirit of the Olympic Games.

Jacques Rogge - IOC President

How did the idea of the Youth Olympic Games come about?

Medellin 2018 Youth Olympic Games

The Youth Olympic Games is a project I’ve had at the back of my mind since being elected IOC President in 2001. I saw an opportunity to develop an international event coupling sport with education that could act as a catalyst to engage young people around the world.

When I was head of the European Olympic Committees we established the European Olympic Festival in 1992 - so I have always held a strong belief in the importance of sports events for younger generations.

What are the main aims of the Youth Olympic Games?

The Youth Olympic Games should not be seen as mini-Olympic Games. Obviously we want to offer a platform for young people to participate in an international sporting event, but we also want these young people to act as ambassadors and be active in their communities. Education will be a key ingredient of the Youth Olympic Games - offering young people the chance to experience the OIympic values first hand, and to share this with their peers around the world.

How will they differ from the Olympic Games?

The Youth Olympic Games are about much more than competition. They are about educating young athletes in Olympic values, healthy lifestyle, and social responsibility. Therefore, the Cultural and Educational program is as important as the competition itself. There is no doubt that the Youth Olympic Games have a great potential to prepare young athletes for their future Olympic life. We are also encouraging a more flexible, creative approach to the Games - for example, in basketball we will adapt the event to be a three on three tournament.

Also we will have mixed-gender events and even events where we mix competitors from different National Olympic Committees.


The following is an interview with IOC President Jacques Rogge speaking about the YOG, with excerpts taken from the Olympic Review (April, May, June 2009 ISSUE 71). - History Wikipedia Article - Medellin, Buenos Aires, Glassgow

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