GMail Plus Addressing

GMail Plus Addressing


Use GMail to find and block the source of email Spam. GMail Plus Addressing is a very useful trick to save your mailbox from SPAM. And if you get Spammed, you know exactly which website or on-line service leaked your email address to those Spammers.

How it works

After create an account in the mail service of Google you not only have one account but an unlimited quantity of email addresses (not literally, it depends of the size of your inbox). Say you have a GMail account like [email protected], if you append a plus sign to your username, GMail will ignore anything written between the symbols + and @. So any message sent to [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] will still reach your mail inbox in the account [email protected], but the mailto header will still be the full address.

GMail Plus Addressing

Battling SPAM

When you share your email with some non familiar service, like a newsletter, you can supply your existing email with a plus sign like [email protected]. If you ever receive SPAM addressed to that email alias, you know the exact source that’s sending the SPAM and can easily block all emails using a GMail filter.

Dots instead of Plus sign

This method works the same way as the GMail Plus Addressing but instead of using the plus sign you use dots, Gmail doesn’t recognize periods as characters in addresses they just ignore them. For example, you could tell people your address was [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected].

Fool Dropbox

Some days ago I’ve started to re-configure my Dropbox account and even the Google Drive account associated to my mail address, and I got an idea thinking about Should I buy a premium account in those services to increase the storage’s space; at least in Dropbox you can get extra space completing a list of challenges like follow their Twitter account, liking their Facebook page or inviting friends to join Dropbox.

This last option and using GMail Plus Addressing gave me up to 16.38 GB of extra space in my Dropbox cloud drive, just look at these images and try yourself. Use these links to check useful pages in Dropbox and get more space for your account: Get extra space, Referals program, Account bonus.

GMail Plus Addressing

GMail Plus Addressing


For me, the real value in being able to manipulate your email address is that it makes it really easy to filter on those variants. For example you could use [email protected] when you sign up for on-line banking and then set up a filter to automatically star, archive or label emails addressed to [email protected]. You can also use this when you register for a service and think they might share your information, for example, I added [email protected] when I gave money to a political organization once, and now when I see emails from other groups to that address, I know how they got it.

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