GitHub Contributions

GitHub Contributions


Hello, today I’m coming with a very simple article, but with a curious image. This post doesn’t have a technical explanation, it is just something that I want to share because it was funny to achieve this thing Cixtor GitHub Contributions.


Days ago I was wondering how to enhance my Git workflow, I’ve started using GitFlow to manage my projects feature by feature. While I was investigating, searching tutorials about it, I found this curious command:

$ git filter-branch --env-filter \
  'if [ $GIT_COMMIT = 119f9ecf58069b265ab22f1f97d2b648faf932e0 ]; then
    export GIT_AUTHOR_DATE="Fri Jan 2 21:38:53 2009 -0800"
    export GIT_COMMITTER_DATE="Sat May 19 01:01:01 2007 -0700"

I was shocked by that, because I didn’t know that Git allows datetime changes, so I went ahead and decided to create a Script to generate 8-bit messages over the GitHub Contributions panel for my account, and this is what I got.

$ git init
$ touch ''
$ git add ''
$ DATE=$(stat -c %y '' | sed 's/2013/2000/g')
$ git commit -m 'Initial commit' --date "$DATE"
$ git remote add origin
$ git push -u origin master
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