Chrome Upgrade

Chrome Upgrade


Personally I don’t install new software in my Linux computer using a package manager, sometimes those programs are installed with the stable version available in the repositories of the distribution you use. And sometimes there are programs unavailable in those repositories.

One of those (at least in my case) is Google Chrome that I prefer to install using the latest version available in the BETA channel or the Canary channel if you prefer. Google provides an easy way to install its web browser using auto-installers like DEB) and RPM, that way you can have automatic updates using their own repositories.

But I personally don’t like to have those automated jobs running in background on my machine (they specifically use Cron to do the magic). I don’t want to discuss this here, so go ahead and take a look the code bellow and use it if you find it useful.


The following script written in Bash) basically download the latest version of Google Chrome, you can specify two parameters to change the Version and the Architecture like so:

  • Specify architecture: i386 or amd64
  • Specify version: i386 stable or amd64 beta
  • Default values: Version: BETA and Architecture: i386

GitHub cixtor/mamutools -

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