Apache2Nginx is a tool to rewrite HTAccess rules into Nginx and help you in the migration process of your web server. The code of the compilator was written in PHP and the author of the original code is Anil Cetin, you can find the original application in Anil Cetin. This version is based in this original code and the tool provided by Winginx.

Original compiler written by Anil Cetin on GitHub. Online converter provided by Winginx at HTaccess to Nginx converter.

There are some web-services providing this type of conversion, but you should note that these tools will convert to equivalent rewrite expressions using if statements, but they should be converted to try_files as the nginx team recommend here NginxHttpCoreModule - try_files.


  • The service is to convert an Apache's .htaccess to nginx configuration instructions.
  • First of all, the service was thought as a mod_rewrite to nginx converter. However, it allows you to convert some other instructions that have reason to be ported from Apache to nginx.
  • Not server instructions (e.g. php_value, etc.) are ignored.
  • The converter does not check syntax, including regular expressions and logic errors.
  • Please, check the result manually before use.
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